At some point in life we can be sure we will have to plan an event or two: your graduation, your wedding, your baby shower, and many more. In order to be successful at it here are five unique skills our staff at Grace Banquet Hall will recommend you have or your event coordinator has.


Multitasking : Multitasking is the ability to do more than one thing at the same time. You will have to master this skill set if you are planning your event yourself. 

Excellent Communicator (Includes Listening!) : This is one of the most essential skills that will be required of a good event coordinator. Ability to communicate clearly, this includes listening to others (guests & vendors).

Organized: No need to over emphasis this – Failure to plan , is planing to fail. If you are not organized, we can guarantee you that a lot of things will go wrong during your event.

Approachable: A beautiful  smile will make you more approachable, trust us. We recommend you smile and be open to questions, that way people can approach you.

Team Player: Team work, makes the dream work. You cannot do everything yourself. We highly recommend you have team members that you can rely on to help you.

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